The Diruhi Matevosian Library at the Intra Mental Health Center​ [Yerevan, Armenia]

The first mental health support and rehabilitation services for children and adults opened its library doors housing over 800 books dedicated to the subjects of mental health and psychology. Books for the library were bestowed by her family, friends as well as her colleagues at Family Continuity Inc. in the hope that her mission will be continued in Armenia for years to come. The library was opened in September of 2012.

The ARI Literature Foundation
[Yerevan, Armenia]


ARI Literature Foundation is launching ‘Discover Armenian Literature’ Program, aimed at supporting literary processes in Armenia, promoting Armenian literature worldwide and offering translation support to foreign publishers as an incentive to publish Armenian literature. Find out more about the project through their website.

The Beetle School: Development and training for
preschool children and their parents
[Yerevan, Armenia]

A joint project of the EOS Center for Psychology Development and the Hovhannes Toumanian Museum, the EOS Center for Psychological Development was founded in 2011 as an initiative directed towards the development of different branches of psychology in Armenia. The Center’s main focus relates to psycho-social development and education of preschool age children as well as parenting.


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