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Who We Are

We are two daughters (Ani + Armine) whose mother (Diruhi) was deeply committed to her mission of helping at risk youth and their families. Due to her untimely death, she was unable to fulfill her unwavering desire to return to Armenia and continue her work in the field of mental health and social work, especially with youth. Our aim is to continue her mission!

Find out more about Ani and Arminé by visiting our professional profiles.​

What We Do

We believe that there are certain things in this world that are sacred. At the epicenter of this is the value of human life.  We believe that our mother’s mission (to aid in the growth of the most precious talent in Armenia while also helping children and families suffering from mental illness, trauma and clinical depression), can be continued through existing organizations in Armenia.

Our Namesake

Diruhi, our mother's name, [Armenian: տիրուհի, pronounced dee-roo-hee] is Armenian for caretaker or patroness. Though most of her friends called her 'Dee', we think her name was incredibly fitting!


How We Do It

We recognise that needs vary and every project is different from the next. We also recognise that those who donate their time and resources to a cause want a strong understanding and accountability for where that time and resource goes.  Our mission is to make timely and meaningful assessments of specific projects and pass the opportunities onto our family, friends, colleagues and community to help us achieve the goals for each of those projects.  We aim to ensure accountability and report back with the progress with regard to each project, honouring your time, resources and dedication to the causes we’ve chosen.  It’s what our mother would have done and it’s what we aim to do as well.

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